We are up and running!! 

Looking for students and researchers interested in understanding RNA modifications. 

In addition to cancer biology, we also have several ongoing collaborations on aging, neurological disorders and stress biology - please contact Dr. Su for details.

Lab fun

2024 July: We celebrated the lab's first anniversary @ Great Wall!

From left to right: Nhi, Xisheng, Momo, Naira, Jayden, Abi, Benji, Afsane and Zhangli

2024 May: Jayden passed her Master's qualifying exam with flying colors!

2024 Mar: Genetics seminar by John Denu

Thanks for sharing science and career advice with our trainees!

2024 Mar: Supporting UAB GBS recruitment event!

From left to right: Zhangli, Momo, Nhi and Abi

2024 Jan: Lab lunch @ Surin West

Celebrating new year and new semester

2023 Dec: Holiday gathering @ UAB Genetics

2023 Oct: Lab lunch @ Fish Market 

From left to right: Mostafa, Zhangli, Rishi, Afsane, Jayden, Abi and Isaac

2023 Sept: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Moon Cake Festival)! 

Abi's first attempt to write Chinese characters with help from Mostafa.  

2023 Aug: Lab lunch @ Bay Leaf!

While Felicia's visit has come to an end, our collaboration has a new start : ) 

Good luck to your PhD journey 🎉

2023 Aug: Lab brunch @ Galley and Garden to welcome Felicia visiting us all the way from Norway! She is enjoying the heat shock.

From left to right: Zhangli, Jayden, Jerry, Abi and Felicia

2023 July: Lab lunch @ Ikko Ramen and Sushi to celebrate the lab opening!

Believe it or not, we forgot to take a picture...

2023 May: celebrates the end of the semester with Su Lab friends @ Fish Market Southside

From left to right: Zhangli, Jayden, Haley, Afsane and Melika

2022 Nov: Zhangli successfully made macarons after the move!

Low humidity is the key! 

Building the lab

2024 Mar: We are starting the lab duty rotation! 

2024 Jan: Happy New Year with
our very first lab meetings!

2023 Sep: We made several progress in September. Our first western blot, E.coli growth, cell culture experiment, RNA extraction and qPCR... Thanks to Mostafa, Abi and Jayden for all of your work!

2023 Sep: We thank Shane for 3D printing the magnetic aspirator hose holder in our BSC hood. 🚀 

2023 Aug: The lab in full motion to make small RNA-seq libraries. 

2023 Jul: We receive the -20 freezer, now we are ready to stock some enzymes and reagents. ❄️❄️❄️

2023 July: Jayden and Abi having fun help set up the lab!

2023 July: Jayden performed our first PCR reaction in the lab and visualized on agarose gel. 

2023 July: Su lab is officially open. Come say Hi in KAUL 660.

2023 March: The lab website is launched!